6 Tips for Furniture Arrangement, Part 2

Creating new looks in your home through furniture arrangement can be exciting. However, many people feel stumped when it comes to how to place everything in their home correctly. Continuing with our list, below are three more tips on furniture arrangement.

  1. Consider Your Space a Work of Art

When arranging your furniture, try looking at it the way a painter would look at a work of art. There are varieties of visual tricks that can be used to create depth in the space. One of these tricks is called triangulation. Triangulation is where you generate triangle shapes within the area. One way to do this is by placing end tables or rustic lighting at either end of a sofa and a large painting right above.

  1. Create Balance with Scaled Pieces

Pieces that are a similar size to another can help create a harmonious atmosphere in the space. This can be good for your bedroom or a reading nook. When you utilize furniture pieces with different heights, depths, and widths, the overall room may not look quite right.

  1. Use Gestalt

Think about the overall form of the room. A large rectangular space, for example, can be divided by creating two separate purposes for the space. Perhaps the main living area is at one end, and a comfortable workspace or reading nook has been established at the other.

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