The Best Rustic Ranch Style Barstools

Here are the top selling barstool designs to complete your Rustic Ranch Style Home.

Our barstools not only have a dynamic design, but are extremely comfortable! We have perfected our barstools for for maximum comfort and durability. You will not find better barstool designs to complete your Rustic Ranch or Western Style Home.

Our Barstools are available in both counter & bar hight or a custom size if needed.

Find the perfect barstool at Adobe Interiors, Our experienced designers will even help you customize your own with an array of leathers to choose from.

Rustic meets glitzy in the high-end Aryanna Stool, a barstool that is pastoral enough for the country and flashy enough for the city. A striking, cleverly designed seat back is the ultimate focal point of this piece, and you will find your eye returning to this curious, unique barstool time and time again. This is the ultimate luxurious Western barstool you have been waiting for. Available in bar or counter height, the Aryanna Stool is stunning enough for a big celebration and sturdy enough for everyday use. The upscale Western barstool includes a gorgeously finished hardwood frame, the authentic, premium leather our products are known for, and studding detail that makes it a truly an exceptional piece. If you don’t want to compromise dependability for glamour, then the Aryanna Stool is just the rustic, elegant barstool for you. Indulge in a full set to get the full Aryanna Stool experience. 100% Texas Made

Looking for a high-quality Southwestern barstool that is eye-catching and understated at the same time? If so, look no further than our Navajo Barstool. This fine rustic barstool pays homage to the heritage and tradition of the American Southwest while still complimenting virtually any surrounding décor. Made from hardwood and glued, screwed and doweled at the joints, the Navajo Barstool blends a vintage look with the best of modern craftsmanship, giving your bar or dining area the best of both worlds.Thanks to our signature high density foam cushions, the Navajo Barstool is a piece you and your guests can enjoy for hours on end. This 100% Texas made barstool is available in bar height or counter height and works well as a standalone conversation piece or in a full set. Bring a stirring sense of adventure to your next cocktail party, intimate dinner or happy hour with this upscale barstool.

The Jade barstool features a striking stamped leather design with a crocodile and rose pattern. A two tones leather contrast make the Jade Barstool a stunning design. A supple distressed tufted leather seat and back just adds to the classy look of the Jade Barstool.

The Chisum Rough Cut Barstool is made with a highly distressed, vintage style leather. The rugged design of this barstool makes it a perfect addition for any rustic ranch style home. Every leather hide is hand distressed and every imperfection is left to show the leathers true character.

The Sundance Reverse Barstool is an absolute favorite! Twisted Leather Fringe wrapped around the stool with a beautiful stamped cowhide. If you are looking for a strong but classy western theme, The Sundance Reverse Barstool is a perfect choice!


Rustic Accent Chairs that Make an Impact



Bring your living space to a new height of sophistication with the Del Rio Suela Chair. Featuring a genuine axis deer hide and a supple tan leather, this rustic, elegant livingroom chair merges natural adventure with studied design, resulting in a classic yet refreshing piece. The Del Rio Suela Chair can be placed in your living room, providing comfort whether you are entertaining guests or zoning out in front of the TV. Or it can be placed in your study, giving you the sturdy foundation to work for hours on end. You can even place this high-end chair in your office’s reception area, providing your clients with a truly upscale experience. Wherever you place the Del Rio Chair, this Rustic Western style living room chair is one luxury you will never regret indulging in. Contact our skilled team today to learn more about our custom material options.


Every home needs that tried and true piece of furniture that you can look forward to relaxing in after a long, hard day. A living space also needs at least one stately piece that will impress guests and bring the aesthetics of the room together. We are proud to say that when you add the Boot Stitch Wing Chair to your living space, you will be checking off both of those boxes with one incredible living room chair. From the dark, rich leather to the intricate studding details, this quality Western style living room chair is a true statement piece. But it’s also calming and comforting, offering sturdy construction and supple seating that you will not want to get up from. Add the tastefully timeless Boot Stitch Wing Chair to your home or office today. With beautiful design and reliable strength, this is one indulgence that you will never regret.


Bring a simple yet classy look into your home or ranch with our Ranger Leather Chair. Made with one the finest distressed leather and accented with genuine suede, The Ranger Leather Chair will be a lasting favorite and bring a rustic elegant charm into your home or ranch.



The Coleburn Chair is designed to look as good in a stately study as in a vibrantly decorated living room. Featuring genuine, supple leather, rich studding detail and a sturdy frame, this upscale living room chair is an instant classic —and classics never go out of fashion. Leather-bound books, well-aged whiskey and fine cigars come to mind when you look at the Coleburn Chair. And when you take a seat in its gloriously soft leather seat, all you will be able to think about is how comfortable you feel. All of that is supported by a hand-crafted solid hardwood frame, so you never have to worry about the dependability of this high end living room chair. Like a fine wine or expensive violin, the Coleburn Chair only grows richer and more enjoyable as time passes. Invest in this fine quality living room chair today, and reap the many benefits for years to come.



Perhaps you enjoy spending hours with your friends, family and loved ones, reliving old memories and creating new ones. Maybe you like to use your living space as a place to refresh with a good book or riveting television show. Or you might be someone who likes to mix it up every day with new faces and themes. Whatever you use your living room for, the Red Rock Chair could be an excellent addition to your collection. This quality living room chair is upholstered in a beautiful hand-rubbed leather, giving it a wonderfully distressed look. You can enjoy hours of comfort inthis luxurious Western living room chair, whether you are enjoying a peaceful moment of solitude or in the company of loved ones. If you are in need of a new favorite high end living room chair, consider purchasing one —or perhaps several —of the Red Rock Chairs today.



If you are in search of the quintessential quality western living room chair, you need look no further than our Modern Boot Stitch Chair. With fine, supple leather, intricate detail work and a rugged panache, this high-quality living room chair will be right at home in your living space. Whether you are a true Western aficionado looking for your next authentic piece, or you want to liven up your otherwise simple home décor, the Modern Boot Stitch Chair will not disappoint. Our inspired designers combine the romanticism of the Wild West with the refinement and sturdy construction we use on all of our furniture, to create a rustic elegant living room chair that is as versatile as it is singular. Great in a set but bold enough to stand alone, the Modern Boot Stitch Chair will retain its strength and charm for years to come. Invest in one, or in a set, today.



Leather Cleaning Tips

Rustic Tan Leather Recliner

Cowboy Suela Recliner


  • Taking care of your top grain cowhide leather upholstery is easier than caring for many fabrics. For normal use, dust and vacuum weekly and avoid direct sunlight. Avoid placing your leather furniture near windows or under skylights. Direct exposure to heating vents can damage your leather furniture as well. Heating vents can cause the leather to dry out.
  • For soiled areas, just moisten a soft cloth or sponge with mild soap, such as Ivory or Castile, and lukewarm water, and apply gently to all soiled portions of the leather surface. Remove any lather, and wipe with a clean damp cloth. Dry with another soft cloth, rubbing gently to restore the original luster.
  • Never use polishes, oils, ammonia, cleaning fluids, solvents, or detergents to clean leather upholstery. Using any of these may cause smears, color streaking, and/or damage to the leather surface.
  • Regular use of Leather Master Cleaning & Protection Products will extend the usable life of your leather furniture.
  • As a general rule, fully clean your furniture with Leather Master Soft cleaner at least every six months to remove dirt as well as the gradual accumulation of body oils and perspiration. After cleaning, reapply Protection Cream to the leather to renew the protection level.
  • You can locate Leather Master Cleaning and Protection Products by calling 1-888-825-6551 in the US, or visiting

The History of Leather

Leather is one of man’s earliest and most useful discoveries. Our ancestors used leather to protect themselves from the elements. Primitive man hunted wild animals for food, then made clothing, footwear and crude tents from the hides. Like then, hides used today are a by-product. Animals are raised for the meat, dairy and wool industries, not for their hides. Roughly half of all leather produced today is used to make shoes, and about 25% for clothing. Upholstery demands only around 15% of the total product.


The tanning process from the early 1900’s.

Wall paintings and artifacts in Egyptian tombs dating back to 5000 B.C. indicate that leather was used for sandals, clothes, gloves, buckets, bottles, shrouds for burying the dead and for military equipment. The ancient Greeks are credited with developing tanning formulas using certain tree barks and leaves soaked in water to preserve the leather. This was the first record of vegetable tanned leather, which became a well-established trade in Greece around 500 B.C. Vegetable tanned leathers are still produced today and remain an active ingredient in modern tannages. The Romans made extensive use of leather for footwear, clothes, and military equipment including shields, saddles and harnesses.

Due to its durability and comfort, leather has been used for seating throughout the history of transportation and furniture. It has always been the ideal material for making saddles and tack, as well as footwear. During the Middle Ages, leather became the cover of choice for dining chairs, because it was easy to maintain and did not absorb the odor of food.

The spread of industrialization in the 18th and 19th centuries created a demand for new kinds of leathers, such as belting leathers to drive machinery. The invention of the automobile, the demand for softer, lightweight footwear with a fashionable appearance, and a general rise in the standard of living created a demand for soft, supple, colorful leather. The traditional vegetable tanned leather was too hard and thick for these requirements and thus, the use of chromium salt was adopted and chrome tanning became the standard for modern footwear, fashion and upholstery leathers.

Modern technology has allowed for innovation in the leather industry, as the development of chemicals and sophisticated processing methods have greatly expanded the aesthetics and feel of leather as well as the possible applications. Leather continues to be the material of choice, not just for commercial and residential furniture but for automotive, aviation and marine applications as well.