Best Rustic Lighting Ideas for Dining Rooms

When lighting your dining room, you want to create a relaxed atmosphere while still sticking to the theme of your home. At Adobe Interiors, we sell a variety of rustic lighting fixtures that are suitable for your dining room. Below are just a few of the best lighting ideas you can utilize.


Chandeliers are the best lighting fixture you can use for a dining room. They offer beauty and adequate lighting without being too harsh. A rustic chandelier hanging over the table will help draw your guests’ attention to the center of the room. They also give off a low light similar to candles that can set a relaxing mood for your dining experience.

Hanging Lights

Hanging pendant lights point downward, creating focal points directly below them. These can be a great way to help light your dining table and accentuate the food you are placing on it. Though these lights are much brighter than chandeliers, they can be dimmed to create a softer glow when the mood calls for it.

Wall Lights

If you are looking for more functional rustic lighting, wall lights are a great option. You can even layer your dining room with a variety of structures, such as a chandelier and sconces. If you plan to use your dining room for more than just eating, wall lights can be a great way to improve its look while retaining functionality.

How to Add Some Rustic Beauty into Your Home

If you are in love with rustic elegant furniture in Dallas, it may be difficult to revamp your home’s existing style completely. Fortunately, there are some smaller things you can do to add some rustic beauty and charm into any room.

Do Not Overdo It

One thing you want to be sure of is that you are not overdoing the rustic elements. Though they all look beautiful, too much of a great thing can have the opposite effect. Sometimes all you need is a distressed wood hall table with a rustic-inspired plant to make the perfect statement.

It is Okay to Mix and Match

Salvaged materials can blend surprisingly well with more modern and contemporary pieces. Do not be afraid to mix and match styles in your home to create a look that is indeed your own.

Stick to Warm, Neutral Colors

You want to choose colors that are warm and resemble natural Earth tones. This will help keep the rustic theme going throughout your home and add some warmth to an otherwise stark room.

At Adobe Interiors, we sell a variety of rustic elegant furniture in Dallas for you to incorporate into your home. Visit us online or in-store today to browse our selection of beautiful rustic furniture and décor.

6 Tips for Furniture Arrangement, Part 2

Creating new looks in your home through furniture arrangement can be exciting. However, many people feel stumped when it comes to how to place everything in their home correctly. Continuing with our list, below are three more tips on furniture arrangement.

  1. Consider Your Space a Work of Art

When arranging your furniture, try looking at it the way a painter would look at a work of art. There are varieties of visual tricks that can be used to create depth in the space. One of these tricks is called triangulation. Triangulation is where you generate triangle shapes within the area. One way to do this is by placing end tables or rustic lighting at either end of a sofa and a large painting right above.

  1. Create Balance with Scaled Pieces

Pieces that are a similar size to another can help create a harmonious atmosphere in the space. This can be good for your bedroom or a reading nook. When you utilize furniture pieces with different heights, depths, and widths, the overall room may not look quite right.

  1. Use Gestalt

Think about the overall form of the room. A large rectangular space, for example, can be divided by creating two separate purposes for the space. Perhaps the main living area is at one end, and a comfortable workspace or reading nook has been established at the other.

Visit Adobe Interiors today to purchase a variety of beautiful rustic furniture for your home. We offer custom-made options as well, so you can find that perfect piece for any room in your house. Contact us today at (877) 594-7093 for more information.

6 Tips for Furniture Arrangement, Part 1

Whether you just moved into a new home or are looking to rearrange your space, how you place your furniture will set the tone for your entire house. Below are three tips for arranging your elegant furniture in Dallas.

  1. Take Measurements

Before you even get the furniture in the house, take measurements of the room. You want to ensure that the furniture you are looking to place will fit where you want it. There is nothing worse than buying a new couch only to realize it does not work in the space at all. You also want to measure the hallways, doors, and stairways leading to the room to ensure your furniture will be able to make it there at all.

  1. Mix Various Sizes

To add visual interest to your space, try incorporating furniture with a variety of characteristics. Pair an extra-large sectional sofa with smaller armchairs and side tables to create an energetic, yet comfortable area. If you are looking for a more serene and relaxed area, we recommend keeping furniture volumes similar.

  1. Create Balance

When arranging furniture in a room, you want to create balance either symmetrically or asymmetrically. Restful spaces should utilize symmetrical balance, whereas rooms meant to be more exciting can benefit from an asymmetrical furniture placement.

Rustic Bedroom Ideas

A rustic-themed bedroom is one of the most popular styles, and it can help transform a bland bedroom into a cozy and relaxing space. At our Western furniture company, we offer a variety of Western décor and furniture pieces to transform your bedroom helpfully.

Incorporate Color

If you love the look of rustic décor and furniture but want to lighten it up a little, incorporate cooler pastel colors into your design. By adding light colored sheets to contract with your wooden bedframe, you can create a vibrant and relaxing room. Adding plants, such as lavender, in rustic pots will help complete the décor.

Do not Substitute Style for Comfort

Just because it is rustic, does not mean it has to be uncomfortable solid wood. Many natural fabrics and materials not only add comfort but a touch of luxury to any design. Incorporate a sweater-knit throw pillow or a quilt with a more modern pattern to your bedroom for an added sense of comfort.

At Adobe Interiors, we offer many different options to help you create the bedroom of your dreams. Whether you need a new bed frame, quilt, or end table, we can help you find the perfect rustic pieces to tie any room together. Visit us online today to shop all of our beautiful products.

Create a Cozy Kids Room with Rustic Style

Are you looking for rustic inspiration for your child’s bedroom or nursery? Whether you want to create a woodsy oasis or a cozy cabin, we have a variety of products available to you. As one of the best furniture stores in Fort Worth, Adobe Interiors can help make your rustic nursery dreams come true.

Woodland Wonderland

Utilizing the look of tree branches and natural elements will help you create a woodsy feel suitable for all types of magical fairies. Contrast the lighter wood with vibrant bedding and fabrics to create a look that is indeed your own!

Cozy Western Cabin

Create a rugged Western retreat appealing for any little cowboy by using deep woods and rich Western-patterned fabrics. Decorate with vintage Americana pieces to help tie the theme together. You can also incorporate Native American influences to add an extra element to the design.

Modern Rustic

Whether you love the look of the sleek crib in the window or received pieces that are more modern at your baby shower, you can easily incorporate old with the new. Using primitive fabrics, such as linen or burlap, as well as a more rustic color pallet can help give the room some rustic charm while remaining clean and modern.

3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace the Rustic Trend

Cowboy Church Hill ReclinerThough it is not a new trend, rustic furniture has become increasingly more popular with designers and homeowners. The beautiful, natural colors mix and match with a variety of different styles and look great in any room. Below are three reasons why you should embrace this stunning trend.

  1. It is a Livable Style

Often we buy new furniture, but it is so nice that we do not want to use it. When you choose rustic pieces, not only do they look great, but they are incredibly functional. Their already lived-in look and comfortable fabrics make them perfect for everyday use.

  1. It Adds Character

Rustic furniture allows homeowners to incorporate many different unique and exciting design elements into their space. If you have a room that is a little too bland, a rustic dresser, coffee table, or armchair can easily add some personality to it.

  1. It Warms Up Spaces

If you prefer cooler tones or minimalist design, some rooms can feel cold and unwelcoming. Rustic furniture allows you to add some warmth into the room without compromising the overall look you are trying to achieve.

When you are looking for the best furniture stores in Fort Worth, visit Adobe Interiors today. We offer a variety of rustic and Western-style furniture to help decorate every room in your home.

The Best Rustic Furniture and Décor Gifts

With the holidays closing in, you may be wondering what to get your family or friends. Gifting a unique piece of rustic furniture or décor can be a great way to show your loved one just how much you care. At Adobe Interiors, we offer a variety of beautiful rugs, sculptures, and accent furniture that are perfect for giving this holiday season. Below are our top three picks available now at our Western furniture company.

  1. The Ustad Rug in Rust/Charcoal

Ustad Rug in Rust

The Ustad Rug is the perfect gift to give a family member or close friend this holiday season. If someone you know recently purchased or renovated their home, this rug can be the perfect addition to his or her living room or bedroom. The contrasting colors of this rug work perfectly together and allow it to be mixed with a variety of furniture.

  1. The Kadam Vases

Charcoal, Kadam Vases

We absolutely love these vases, with their natural rustic coloring and a bright pop of orange. These vases will make perfect gifts for anyone on your list, and they can be worked into a variety of different rooms. They would go wonderfully in a sunroom with many vibrant green plants contrasting the warm colors.

  1. The Garland Chair

Garland Chair

The Garland Chair is the perfect shade of red to celebrate the holidays with. This high-end chair will provide a pop of color in any living room and is incredibly comfortable. Named after Judy Garland’s classic red slippers, this chair is perfect for any parent, grandparent, or best friend.

How to Add Rustic Style to Your Home

If you love the look of rustic furniture but are not sure where to start when it comes to decorating, Adobe Interiors has a variety of unique pieces suitable for any home. It can be easy to incorporate rustic pieces into your living room, even if you already have a set style from your last decorating binge. With the help of one of the best furniture stores in Fort Worth, you will have a beautifully rustic home in no time.

Below are some ways you can begin to incorporate rustic elements into your home.

Mix Modern and Rustic Together

If you already have a modern style in your home but want to add some additional warmth through rustic pieces, the two styles go very well together. Try replacing your old and sagging couch with a rustic, velvety sofa or incorporate clean white elements alongside more rustic color palates.

Keep Your Rustic Style Kid and Pet-Friendly

By choosing the right materials, you can ensure your home is beautifully rustic and safe for your kids and pets. Swap the coffee table for a leather ottoman or layer cowhide and an indoor/outdoor rug. You can also store toys in wicker baskets and look for rustic elements in pet furniture options.

Incorporate a Bright Color

Is there a color you have to have amidst your rustic palate? Try incorporating complementary colors, such as shades of blue, to add an extra pop to your living room. You can still keep the rustic charm, but create a look that is all your own with your favorite color.

How to Give Your Living Room a Rustic Makeover

When you are looking to change up your living room, giving it a rustic makeover can be a great way to add some beauty and charm into the space. One of the best things about Western living room décor is how simple it is to add to your existing area. At Adobe Interiors, we offer a variety of rustic and Western furniture and décor to help transform your dull living room into a place filled with warmth and comfort.

Start with the Shelves

Framed shelving is a great way to add some rustic charm to a room. You can then add a variety of Western and rustic décor pieces to the shelves to complete the look. For a more authentic look, you can create your DIY shelving to incorporate into your home for a truly unique piece.

Update Your Storage

Though we may not think much about our storage bins, updating those to match your rustic theme can add a new element to your living room. Swap out your plastic containers for wicker baskets to store your blankets, remotes, and magazines in a stylish manner.

Change Your Lighting Fixtures

Another great way to add rustic charm into your living room is to change the lighting fixtures in the room. Swapping out your boring department store lamp for one of our beautiful rustic pieces will help transform the look of your room almost instantly.