Western Decorating Ideas You are Sure to Love

Are you interested in bringing a more rustic look into your home? At Adobe Interiors, we offer exceptional Western-style furniture for your space. As one of the best furniture stores in Fort Worth, we have everything you could need to create a new look for your home.

Rustic Colors: When redecorating for a rustic or Western look, you want to stick to a natural color palate. Natural, earthy colors are excellent choices to incorporate, but they can often look heavy. Break up the darker reds and browns with clean white and lighter neutral colors.

Style Elements: Rugged finishes and worn metal fastenings on your furniture are easy ways to add some Western charm to your home. Look for furniture pieces with reclaimed looks to help transform your boring home into a rustic paradise.

Materials Matter: Incorporate materials like jute, metal, leather, and natural wood into your décor and furniture. This will help give off that authentic Western vibe you have been after. Adobe Interiors will also create any piece of custom furniture you desire, so you have nearly unlimited options for your new rustic abode.

Mix and Match: If you like the look of Western décor, but do not want to overdo it in your home, you can mix and match Western and a more modern style for a unique look that is all your own! A rustic color palette and modern hardware is an excellent match for any style preference.

Rustic Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces can be the bane of everyone’s decorating desires. That large, cushy couch and 50” TV screen may not be able to fit in your living area as you had hoped. Fortunately, there are a variety of Western living room décor ideas to suit your small or narrow space. Below are three ways you can make a tight space look comfortable and inviting.

  1. Keep it Simple

When decorating a small space, you want to keep things simple. Too much in the room can make it look cluttered and unorganized, so choose one or two accent pieces for the room. Opt for beige walls and rustic brown wood floors to help the room feel more open. You can then choose a Western-style coffee table, armchair, or loveseat to be your accent furniture for the room.

  1. Separate Spaces with Rugs

If you have an open floor plan between your kitchen, dining, and living area, use a beautiful rustic rug to separate the spaces. This will allow you to dedicate certain parts of the floor plan as your room, and also provide a centerpiece for all of your other living décor.

  1. Leave an Open space in a Narrow Room

If your living area is long and narrow, keep an open space or path along the room. By having a clear path from the door to the entryway for the next room, you can help the area appear less awkward. Floating couches are another great way to help decorate the space, and will prevent you from cramming everything against the walls.

How to Add Rustic Charm to Your Child’s Room

Fortaleza nightstandAdding a bit of rustic charm to your child’s bedroom can be a great way to create a cute space while also matching the theme of your home. Rustic furniture and décor is perfect for both boys and girls and can create a warm feeling in any bedroom.

You can easily transform their room into a cozy cabin or Western-themed room with rustic design pieces. Rustic furniture will also help you achieve a woodland fairy look for your little girl’s room. Subdued color palettes are also a great way to add a touch of color to their room without going too bright or bold.

You can create a cool Western theme by adding rugged pieces composed of dark woods to give it an authentic cabin feel. Incorporate some Western-printed bedding, and you will have a room fit for any cowboy or cowgirl.

Adobe Interiors offers a variety of Western and rustic furniture for all rooms of your home. As one of the best furniture stores in Fort Worth, we also create custom pieces for clients who are looking for that perfect dresser, bed frame, or décor for their child’s room. Shop with us today to see all of the fantastic products we have to offer. If you have any questions about our furniture, please contact us at (877) 594-7093.

The Difference between Primitive, Rustic, and Country Styles

Western décor from Adobe InteriorsIf you are new to the decorating scene, you may not quite know the difference between primitive, rustic, and country styles. Though they all sound similar on the surface, each style has the unique elements that make it different from the rest. Below are examples of how each décor style is different from the other.

Primitive Style

Primitive décor styles are a more subtle resemblance of the term’s formal definition. Many pieces are handmade by a person without formal training on the process. These items are also generally very old to where they could qualify as an antique.

Rustic Style

Rustic décor has a tie-in with nature, whether it is made from natural materials or appears weathered and distressed. Rustic furniture is meant to give off an old-fashioned vibe and the feel of a warm and comfortable home. As one of the best furniture stores in Fort Worth, Adobe Interiors sells a variety of elegant rustic pieces for your space.

Country Style

In the world of décor, country tends to describe many different styles. French country, cottage, American country, and coastal décor can all fall under this category. The common element of all of these sub-styles their casual vibe and natural materials.

Furniture Shopping Tips

3 Dimensional Horse Sculpture

Single Horse Body Jumping

Shopping for furniture can be an exciting, yet stressful time. Though the idea of a new sofa or bed frame is excellent, there are many things to consider when purchasing a new piece of furniture. As one of the best furniture stores in Fort Worth, Adobe Interiors will help you find the exact item you are looking for when it comes to any room in your home.

Below are some furniture shopping tips to utilize when looking for that perfect piece:

Use blue tape for measurements: The last thing you want is for that perfect new sofa or armchair to be too big for the space it will be residing. Get the dimensions from the website or retailer and use blue tape to measure the area it will be placed in. This will help give you a better idea of how the piece will look within that space and if it will be too big or just right.

Don’t worry too much about matching: Though everyone wants their furniture to create a cohesive look, getting too caught up about everything matching can have the opposite effect. When shopping for elegant rustic furniture, there are a variety of fabrics and textures that can pair well together.

Plan how the furniture will get inside: Every home is different, and you want to have a clear plan on how you will be getting your new furniture inside. If your front doorway is very narrow, you may want to consider bringing the furniture around back or purchasing pieces you can build inside.

How to Utilize Western Décor in Your Living Room

Leather Wing Chair with Buffalo Hide

Jackson Highback Chair with Buffalo Hide

If you are looking to decorate your home in Western-style décor, the designs available at Adobe Interiors are second to none. If you love the look and feel of Western living room décor but are not entirely sure how to use it in the space, below are some decorating ideas to create a cozy, classic look.

Combine natural and dark colors: If you are after a rustic Western look, try combining natural wood tones with deep and vibrant reds, golds, and browns. You can also incorporate rich leather or suede sofas with stone floors and rustic detailing. Adding a few indoor plants to the room can create a brightness to balance out all of the darker colors.

Merge modern touches with Western themes: If you love the look of Western décor but want something a little more modern, it is easy to balance the two. Adding Western accents such as animal print rugs, leather sofas, or mounted animal heads to a room can add an alluring touch to a more 21st century-styled area.

Mix wood and leather furniture: For a Tuscan-inspired theme, find leather and wooden furniture pieces to pair together in your living room. A deep brown leather sofa next to lighter wooden coffee tables and entertainment stands can create a great Western-look without going too over the top.