How Leather Is Made


Leather tanning is the process of converting cleaned, perishable raw hides or skins into leather to preserve their natural beauty and inherent characteristics. The most common methods of tanning are Chromium and Vegetable Tanning. Chro­mium-Tanning is the most prevalent form of tanning.

Chrome-tanned leather is tanned using chromium salts. It is softer and more supple than vegetable-tanned leather and does not discolor or lose shape as drastically in water as vegetable-tanned leather. Chromium-tanned hides are also more receptive to color.

Traditional trimming of the hides in the early 1900's

Traditional trimming of the hides in the early 1900’s

Vegetable-tanned leather is tanned using tannin and other natural ingredients found in trees and plants. The result is leather that has greater body and firmness than chromium-tanned leather. The majority of Moore & Giles leathers are chrome-tanned.

Hides are often treated several times during the tanning process with agents that will enhance the leather’s physical strength and ensure various characteristics desired in the end result. This is known as Retanning. Many of our leathers undergo a retanning process using chrome tanning agents or a combination of both chrome and vegetable tanning agents prior to being dyed and finished.


The majority of Adobe Interior’s Leather choices are dyed in drums using pure aniline dye.

Drum dyeing is the process of immersing the leather in the dye and tumbling it in a rotating drum to ensure maximum penetration of the dye throughout the hide.

Aniline dye is a translucent water-based dye without any added pigments. As aniline dye is absorbed, natural markings and inherent characteristics such as scars and wrinkles are brought out in each hide. Since absorption of dye may differ from area to area, slight variations in color are usually exhibited throughout the hide, much like wood varies when stained. For example, loose areas of the skin typically accept more dye and appear darker. These distinctive markings and nuances in texture and color should be considered natural beauty marks and are a testament to its authenticity.

A few of our leathers are tanned with a semi-aniline finish. Semi-aniline dye has a small amount of pigment or finish added to it to allow the natural characteristics of the hide to still show through while offering some of the benefits of color consistency and increased cleanability. For example, lightly pigmented leather won’t show a mark if you scratch it with your fingernail, like an aniline-dyed leather will.


In general, finishing involves any process performed after the dyeing stage such as embossing, milling or waxing to achieve a desired result in terms of appearance and feel for the leather.

Certain leathers are naturally milled to enhance the leather’s grain or soften its hand. Hides are tumbled in rotating drums and sprayed with a combination of heat and misting of water during the milling process.

Many of our leathers receive a combination treatment of wax and oil which completely permeates the hide and provides inherent resistance to moisture. These treatments are designed to bring out all the attributes that make leather a truly original, natural product.

Similar to the grain of fine wood, leather has a myriad of nature’s signatures incorporated into it that are unique to each hide. These signatures can be found in the form of healed scars, wrinkles and differences in grain. Since most of our leather does not have any artificial finish applied to the surface, any inherent variations in texture are not masked or concealed. As each year passes, the leather will acquire a rich and beautiful patina that has a wealth of charm and character all of its own.

We employ a variety of techniques during the tanning process to enhance the natural appearance of our leathers. For ex­ample, ironing with heat and pressure creates a clear and glossy surface in leathers such as Absolute and Parliament with the added benefit of even more moisture resistance.

For clients, looking for uniform color consistency and maximum protection against wear and scratches, we offer a number of leathers that have been finished with a protective pigment or topcoat coating.  Our goal is to ensure consistent color but still offer a soft supple leather.

Leather Guide

When purchasing leather furnishings, it’s importation to know what kind of leather you are purchasing. Below is a break down of different leather types to help you understand what you are buying and how to spot the different leather types.


Full Grain refers to leather that has not been altered by sanding or buffing. Full Grain leather retains the grain layer, original texture and markings that naturally occur during the lifetime of the animal and create a one-of-a-kind look for each upholstered product. The vast majority of Adobe’s Leather Furniture are designed on Full Grain hides.Full Grain is often confused with Top Grain, but “Top Grain” leather simply comes from the uppermost portion of a hide – the term “Top Grain” is refering to the layer of the hide from which the leather originates. Leather is split into layers and sold as two different products: Top Grain and Split leather. From the Top Grain portion of a hide comes both Full Grain and Corrected Grain leathers.


Corrected Grain is also Top Grain leather. Corrected Grain leather undergoes a light buffing process to better absorb dye and minimize the appearance of blemishes and natural leather markings on its surface. Corrected Grain leather is often preferred for use in projects where uniform color desired. Nubuck, a Corrected Grain leather, is Top Grain leather where the top hair cell layer has been removed by sanding, resulting in a luxurious nap and velvet-like surface. Split leathers are often sold as suede. They originate a few layers down from the grain.


Aniline leather is colored by immersing hides in a dye bath with transparent, aniline dyes that fully penetrate the hide. These leathers are the most natural and often the most pristine hides are used. All surface imperfections and flaws (or beauty marks) will be visible in aniline dyed leathers.

Semi Aniline leathers are aniline dyed with an added layer of pigment or surface coating to enhance durability and color consistency. Imperfections and flaws are still visible.


Vegetable Tanning is the oldest method of tanning. It utilizes vegetable tannins and extracts from trees and plants for use in the tanning process. Today, vegetable tanned leather is still utilized by boot and saddle makers.

Chrome Tanning is the most widely used process of tanning leather, accounting for approximately 90% of leather produced globally today. Invented in the 19th century, chrome tanning uses the minerals of chromium salts to tan hides and allows for a softer hand and a broader range of color.

Get the Rustic Look for the Holidays

Rustic ranch furniture is perfect for the winter holidays. Nothing is more festive at Christmas than rich, warm wood decked out in red ribbons and other traditional seasonal decorations. If you’ve always wanted the look of a country ranch, getting started is easy. Whether you invest in a high-quality custom dining room set or start with a lodge-inspired textile in cowhide or a southwestern print, you’ll inspire ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ when holiday guests arrive.

There’s no better setting for a roaring fire than a cozy, rustic room filled with the inviting scents of pine and mulled cider. If you don’t have a conventional fireplace, consider shopping for an electric one just in time for the holidays. Place seasonal scented soy or beeswax candles in various sizes around the room to enhance the holiday atmosphere.

Objects found in nature make perfect holiday accents for your rustic decor. Head to the craft store and fill clear plastic ornaments with pine tree sprigs. These simple, unique and pretty ornaments complement rustic decor and make great custom gifts. Pine cone garland makes a striking decoration when strung across the mantle.

Whether you accent a single room with a few pieces or fill your home with rustic ranch furniture, end the year on a festive note with the warm and cozy lodge look.

Planning for Custom Living Room Furniture

Before making a significant purchase, like custom living room furniture, you will want to be sure that the furniture you choose will fit comfortably. It is helpful to measure the space and compare that area with the rest of the room, to ensure that it will not be too clunky or too big.

You’ll also want to measure the tight spots of your home to make the moving process smoother. Working with larger furniture can be tricky. Don’t assume that anything is possible; you may find yourself stuck or, even worse, damaging walls and doorways while getting furniture to its destination. Take the time to measure doorways, hallways, and other areas that may be included along the path.

You will especially want to use your home measurements if the furniture will be delivered to your home. A general rule to remember is that the largest dimensions of the furniture must be smaller than the narrowest dimensions of your home’s measurements. Ensure that there is enough room for the delivery crew to move about freely with the furniture.

Choosing furniture that fits your space and will pass any obstacles on the delivery path may sound easy enough, but until you take the time to measure and prepare for your custom living room furniture, you may find that it is not as easy as you thought. When you have the dimensions in which you can work with, your furniture-buying experience is more enjoyable and, of course, successful.

Find the Perfect Rustic Furniture in Fort Worth

If you’re looking to find decorating ideas for rustic furniture in Fort Worth, Adobe Interiors has what you will need. When you want your living space to appear cozy and inviting, rustic furniture provides your family and friends with that warm feeling. So how will you know what pieces to choose to perfectly tie your home together? Here are some helpful hints to consider:

First and foremost, wooden pieces are crucial to the overall rustic theme. Bare wood or reclaimed wooden pieces can be common.

Rustic furniture pieces can be natural or stained. The pieces should show off the natural knots and grains of the wood.

Most rustic furniture items are large in scale and are by no means “dainty.” Logs may be cut in half and used to create seating, and hold a great deal of visual weight.

Design elements should look rough and rugged. A boldly patterned throw pillow on the couch, for example, adds depth to the theme.

Ideal lighting options include brass lamps and authentic candle chandeliers. Soft lighting will set a warm and welcoming tone, rather than fluorescent overhead lighting.

Remember, outfitting your home with rustic furniture in Fort Worth does not need to be a daunting task. It’s your home and you have the creative power to furnish it exactly as you wish. Any home can be transformed into a unique and an inviting space for family and friends to gather.

Your Guide to Custom Home Furnishings

Putting your signature touch into custom home furnishings will allow you to choose every detail with you and your family in mind. Everyone has different reactions to colors and patterns based on individual experiences. That is why home décor that is unique to your personal style is so important. Embrace the “wow” factor. Turn a room with a plain interior into a room that awes and inspires. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Texture. Make your space more personal by use of textural items such as shiny fabrics or linens or felt throw pillows. Mix and match items to prevent the look of a furniture set straight out of a store catalog.

Be brave. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Incorporate colors that exude character and confidence. Don’t hold back; the most stunning results are achieved when you really just go for it.

Experiment. Use furnishings in an unexpected way than what the intended use is. Elements of surprise add character and fun.

Light fixtures. Consider adding costume beaded or pearl necklaces to chandeliers or attach brooches to lampshades for a style of your own.

Color splash. Use accessories and décor, such as vases, to add a new color focus to any theme. Attempt a bold approach by using blocks of color in a room.

Dream big. A large piece of furniture or art generally has more impact on a room than a few smaller pieces do. Don’t hold back from using oversized custom home furnishings and décor to create texture, height and overall impact in any room.

Why Choose Rustic Interior Design?

With rustic interior design ideas from Adobe Interiors, the possibilities are endless. While some may consider this style of unique wooden furniture and luxurious textiles to be a trend, we design our pieces to stand up to the test of time. This home furnishing style can be coupled with various upholsteries and accessories to make the living space instantly appear rich and inviting. Because the furniture is custom made, there is no uniform, hard-and-fast look; your home will express the individuality that reflects your personality!

A few key features to furnishing your home with rustic home furnishings are:

– Blend seemingly incongruent items, like antiques and country or Western accessories

– Mixing classic pieces with rustic, contemporary items to convey a transitional twist

– Stylish use of rustic elements indoors, such as wood beams for ceilings

– Using natural elements like cotton and jute for curtains or upholsteries

– Tying in metal pieces, ceramics and leather to give off a warm, earthy feeling

– Use of re-purposed materials in furniture and lighting with natural elements abounding

Your home will be like no other with help from Adobe Interiors’ rustic interior design selection. Wow your friends and family with home décor that is tasteful and timeless!

More Than Customizable Furniture

Looking to make noticeable but not-so-drastic changes to your home? Give your living space a new look with luxurious fabrics and linens from Adobe Interiors. In addition to customizable furniture, we offer drapery, textiles and upholstery to provide the change you’re looking to make. Our linens and fabrics blend together seamlessly with your environment and your personal style.

Our impressive selection of colors, prints and textures will further enhance the interior design of your home. We guarantee our materials will last for years to come, in both quality and taste. Our textiles are designed to coordinate with your home furnishings and stand up to everyday living in your home.

We vow to go above and beyond to meet your highest expectations and ensure that you are receiving only the finest linens and home furnishings. As the Fort Worth, Texas area’s premier source for luxury, we guarantee your rustic home furnishing needs will be met when you turn to Adobe Interiors.

For more information about the textiles available, and how to coordinate personalized fabrics with your customizable furniture, contact us today. We can set up an appointment for your free personal design consultation to find the materials best suited for your home!

Rustic Interior Design: Beautiful and Durable

Do you want to furnish your home with rustic interior design pieces? Adobe Interiors is your source for beautifully handcrafted wooden furniture. We take pride in our custom furniture designs, free personalized design services, and a quality of craftsmanship that is unsurpassed. We create unique pieces, varying in material, size and finish that are made-to-order with your preferences.

Live Edge Dining Table

At our custom furniture workshop in Fort Worth, Texas, our highly skilled artisans use only the finest quality materials when handcrafting the custom furniture and accessories. Furthermore, the majority of our wooden pieces are kiln-dried in order to enhance the strength and durability of its beautiful finish.

What happens when you fall in love with a piece in our showroom but want to add a little more of your personal style? No problem. Adobe Interiors is able to alter most of the items on display to meet your custom specifications. We want you to have the power to express yourself through your home décor, which is why we specialize in customizable rustic interior design.

Adobe Interiors uses traditional techniques and materials that will endure the test of time. Our custom pieces will outlast modern trends and appeal to future generations. Let us help you find your new long-lasting custom furniture today!

Timeless Handcrafted Furniture and Décor

At Adobe Interiors, we know how important it is to find inspiration in everything around us. We understand that you like to surround yourself with people, places and even furniture that will provide you with this feeling of inspiration. That is why we specialize in delivering handcrafted furniture to you and your loved ones.

At our showroom in Fort Worth, Texas, you will find a selection of all original pieces – from furniture to home décor. We give you the freedom to express yourself through your home décor and furnishings, and furthermore, offer customization of our pieces. We want you to be inspired by our beautiful heirloom-quality furniture, and share that inspiration with your house guests.

We stand behind our products and our commitment to customer service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we are driven by ensuring that you receive the best quality furnishings and accessories to meet your unique lifestyle needs and last for generations to come. We customize each piece of handcrafted furniture with traditional building methods, while creating one-of-a-kind furniture and home décor that will take your breath away.

When you visit our showroom, you will be able to take in all of the beauty that is our showroom. Also, we provide free design consultations by appointment. To learn more about our handcrafted furniture and home décor or to schedule your personal design session, contact us today!