How to Give Your Living Room a Rustic Makeover

When you are looking to change up your living room, giving it a rustic makeover can be a great way to add some beauty and charm into the space. One of the best things about Western living room décor is how simple it is to add to your existing area. At Adobe Interiors, we offer a variety of rustic and Western furniture and décor to help transform your dull living room into a place filled with warmth and comfort.

Start with the Shelves

Framed shelving is a great way to add some rustic charm to a room. You can then add a variety of Western and rustic décor pieces to the shelves to complete the look. For a more authentic look, you can create your DIY shelving to incorporate into your home for a truly unique piece.

Update Your Storage

Though we may not think much about our storage bins, updating those to match your rustic theme can add a new element to your living room. Swap out your plastic containers for wicker baskets to store your blankets, remotes, and magazines in a stylish manner.

Change Your Lighting Fixtures

Another great way to add rustic charm into your living room is to change the lighting fixtures in the room. Swapping out your boring department store lamp for one of our beautiful rustic pieces will help transform the look of your room almost instantly.

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