We pay a lot for our charming rustic furniture, so why shouldn’t we strive to keep it looking as great as we possibly can? Without proper care, even the highest quality of furniture can warp, stain, bubble, or scratch. Contrary to what you may believe, maintaining the look and quality of your rustic pieces isn’t hard and doesn’t have to involve a lot of expensive tools and cleaners. Here are some easy ways to keep your furniture looking just as quaintly rustic as the day you bought it!

To keep your rustic furniture looking great every day, you should make an effort to proactively protect your furniture! There are some very easy ways of doing so. Invest in a set of quality coasters or pot holders. Watermarks and heat damage are some of the worst offenders of destroyed wooden furniture, despite the fact that these kinds of damages are so easy to avoid! Ceramic or tile coasters and potholder with cork or felt bottoms will help to prevent water rings, heat damage, and scratches.

You should also try to keep rustic furniture in dry, shaded spots and out of direct sunlight. Sunlight is known to fade the stain of furniture and humidity could lead to warping or bubbling of wood. Keeping your rustic pieces of furniture and décor in a dry spot and out of sunlight will help to prevent this kind of unsightly damage!

To maintain the look of your rustic furniture, you probably already know to clean and dust often. What you may not know is that sadly, the tools we use to clean our furniture are often what can lead to irreversible damage!  To prevent surface scratches, use only a soft and smooth cloth to dust or clean. Rough and dirty rags with a lot of texture can lead to scratches. You should also try to use the same cleaners and polishes every time that you clean or polish your furniture. Changing up your polishes and cleaners can shock your wood overtime, leading to discoloration and a bubbled surface.

Rustic furniture is unique in that they tend to look comfortably worn-in, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work to maintain the overall quality and look! Use these simple steps to keep your rustic furniture looking forever beautifully rustic!