How to Utilize Western Décor in Your Living Room

Leather Wing Chair with Buffalo Hide

Jackson Highback Chair with Buffalo Hide

If you are looking to decorate your home in Western-style décor, the designs available at Adobe Interiors are second to none. If you love the look and feel of Western living room décor but are not entirely sure how to use it in the space, below are some decorating ideas to create a cozy, classic look.

Combine natural and dark colors: If you are after a rustic Western look, try combining natural wood tones with deep and vibrant reds, golds, and browns. You can also incorporate rich leather or suede sofas with stone floors and rustic detailing. Adding a few indoor plants to the room can create a brightness to balance out all of the darker colors.

Merge modern touches with Western themes: If you love the look of Western décor but want something a little more modern, it is easy to balance the two. Adding Western accents such as animal print rugs, leather sofas, or mounted animal heads to a room can add an alluring touch to a more 21st century-styled area.

Mix wood and leather furniture: For a Tuscan-inspired theme, find leather and wooden furniture pieces to pair together in your living room. A deep brown leather sofa next to lighter wooden coffee tables and entertainment stands can create a great Western-look without going too over the top.

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