Sedona Bedding Set

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Sedona Bedding Set

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Intricate, interesting patterns define the Sedona Bedding Set. This attention-grabbing four-piece collection of bedding includes curving organic shapes that contrast with rigid arboreal patterns throughout each hand-crafted piece. The Sedona Bedding Set boasts a rich, earthy color scheme that mimics the appearance of the eponymous Arizona canyon city. Leather accents perfectly complement delicately stitched edges that showcase the high-quality craftsmanship associated with Adobe Interiors products. Rusty reds, organic browns and sand tones make this an excellent addition to your home’s rustic elegant aesthetic. The Sedona Bedding Set is made of upholstery-grade fabrics and materials, offering the perfect combination of stunning style and tangible, welcoming comfort. Like all Adobe Interiors products, this set is designed for years of use and will live up to both design and comfort expectations for the foreseeable future. It’s a collection suitable for any home sporting a luxurious Western décor. This collection brings a subtle Southwestern flavor, and is suitable for use in nearly any decorating scheme. It’s available in both king and queen bed sizes or custom size.

Material: Upholstery-grade fabrics

Style: Western, Rustic Elegant

Includes: 4 pieces