American Made Furniture, 8 way hand tied upholstery,

Your living room gives you the opportunity to display your great taste to family and friends. Why not choose the best Western living room décor to enhance your home? Adobe Interiors gives you the power to select handcrafted pieces to suit your needs and personal style perfectly. We are your source for luxurious rustic wooden furniture and top of the line leather and fabric upholstery. Whether you have a specific accessory in mind or you are planning to do a complete room makeover, we are happy to provide our assistance.

Adobe Interiors offers a wide variety of full grain leather upholstery. Full grain has not been altered by sanding or buffing. Full grain leather retains the grain layer, original texture, and markings that naturally occur during the lifetime of the animal and create a one-of-a-kind look for each upholstered product. The vast majority of the leather furniture from our Western furniture company is designed on full grain hides.

Adobe Interiors is your go-to for custom furniture. As one of the best furniture stores in Fort Worth, our talented artisans craft each piece carefully by hand. Our impeccably designed couches, upholstered chairs, ottomans, coffee tables, and accent tables will add a touch of originality and class to any living space. With our free design services, we will help you get the custom living room furniture you have been dreaming of. Visit our custom furniture showroom today and discover our selection of unique home furnishings.

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