Tufted Turquoise Office Chair

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Tufted Turquoise Office Chair

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The fine rustic Tufted Turquoise Office Chair is an upright centerpiece to every home office, adding utility and comfort with style and taste. This chair exhibits its rustic elegance through a wide, deep tufting of the luxurious turquoise leather throughout. It pairs perfectly with your rustic, Southwest décor, with dark colors accentuated by bright colors, muted and aged. Distressed brass buttons and base give this chair a sumptuousness that is undeniable. It connects your collection to rustic brilliance with modest grandeur. Solid wood framing underscores an air of natural sturdiness and dependability in this luxurious western piece. The chair incorporates southwestern accents handmade and hand-carved with exceptionalism, centering this piece and tying to the theme of the rustic home. The crisscrossed pattern and rippled crown accentuate the royal undertone that carries through to any room. Each high-quality chair in this collection is handmade with great attention to detail and articulate rendering. Experience comfort and luxuriousness with this classic desk chair.

*Custom Upholstery Options Available.

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