The Difference between Primitive, Rustic, and Country Styles

Western décor from Adobe InteriorsIf you are new to the decorating scene, you may not quite know the difference between primitive, rustic, and country styles. Though they all sound similar on the surface, each style has the unique elements that make it different from the rest. Below are examples of how each décor style is different from the other.

Primitive Style

Primitive décor styles are a more subtle resemblance of the term’s formal definition. Many pieces are handmade by a person without formal training on the process. These items are also generally very old to where they could qualify as an antique.

Rustic Style

Rustic décor has a tie-in with nature, whether it is made from natural materials or appears weathered and distressed. Rustic furniture is meant to give off an old-fashioned vibe and the feel of a warm and comfortable home. As one of the best furniture stores in Fort Worth, Adobe Interiors sells a variety of elegant rustic pieces for your space.

Country Style

In the world of décor, country tends to describe many different styles. French country, cottage, American country, and coastal décor can all fall under this category. The common element of all of these sub-styles their casual vibe and natural materials.

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