Lovers of the rustic look have different reasons for favoring this charming decorating style. Rustic ranch furniture makes any home warmer and more welcoming, adding instant character and a nostalgic feel. Some fans go all out, creating a full-on ranch look in every room. Others incorporate lodge touches here and there to give a sense of the outdoors without fully committing.

Rustic ranch furniture and accessories adapt easily to a variety of decorating styles and budgets. An antler chandelier, or centerpiece reminiscent of a bird's nest add drama to elegant minimalist interiors. Knotty pine bookshelves and other rustic ranch furniture pieces create a sense of individuality in cookie-cutter apartments. Cowhide rugs add texture and lend a lived-in feel to newer homes.

Fans of the eclectic look enjoy the fact that they can place a set of painted flea market chairs alongside a rough-hewn custom wood table for an interesting effect that can't be pigeonholed. This is a great decorating style for first-time homeowners and those on a budget, as it can be very forgiving and makes it easy for the decorator's style to evolve over time.

So, what is the common denominator in all these styles? There isn't a single answer. Some love rustic ranch furniture because it takes them back to their childhoods. Summer trips to the family cabin, fishing with dad, hiking with siblings and other childhood memories are a part of everyday life with physical reminders like carved wooden bed frames or tables. Of course, few actual lodges are furnished with the beautiful, high-end custom rustic ranch furniture available today, but the look still suggests simpler times and happy memories.

Whether they enjoyed childhood summer vacations by the lake or just wish they had, many homeowners want to bring the outdoors inside. From lodge-chic purists to those seeking a cozy-with-an-edge look, rustic style devotees invoke comfort, warmth and a nostalgic romanticism with their home decor. From wooden-beamed rooms filled with rustic ranch furniture to modern interiors accented with the occasional lodge-chic accessory, rustic living spaces celebrate the timelessness of natural beauty and nostalgia for things like stargazing on a warm summer night.