Your Guide to Custom Home Furnishings

Putting your signature touch into custom home furnishings will allow you to choose every detail with you and your family in mind. Everyone has different reactions to colors and patterns based on individual experiences. That is why home décor that is unique to your personal style is so important. Embrace the “wow” factor. Turn a room with a plain interior into a room that awes and inspires. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Texture. Make your space more personal by use of textural items such as shiny fabrics or linens or felt throw pillows. Mix and match items to prevent the look of a furniture set straight out of a store catalog.

Be brave. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Incorporate colors that exude character and confidence. Don’t hold back; the most stunning results are achieved when you really just go for it.

Experiment. Use furnishings in an unexpected way than what the intended use is. Elements of surprise add character and fun.

Light fixtures. Consider adding costume beaded or pearl necklaces to chandeliers or attach brooches to lampshades for a style of your own.

Color splash. Use accessories and décor, such as vases, to add a new color focus to any theme. Attempt a bold approach by using blocks of color in a room.

Dream big. A large piece of furniture or art generally has more impact on a room than a few smaller pieces do. Don’t hold back from using oversized custom home furnishings and décor to create texture, height and overall impact in any room.

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