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Chateau Leather Sofa

Introducing the Chateau Red Leather Sofa - a luxurious, 100% American-made leather sofa with 8-way hand-tied construction, perfect for any rustic west..

You saved: $1,884.00
$10,676.00 $12,560.00

Daphne Chesterfield Sofa

Our Daphne Leather Chesterfield Sofa is a classy, timeless piece of furniture that dominates décor and conversations. This hand-tufted couch is every ..

You saved: $1,881.00
$10,659.00 $12,540.00

Chisum Axis Barstool

Bring a piece of nature into your entertaining area with our rustic elegant Chisum Axis Barstool. Let your retreat become an adventure in its own righ..

You saved: $296.00
$1,899.00 $2,195.00

American Bison Chair

The American Bison Leather Chair from the Remington Tanner Collection is a luxurious and unique piece of furniture that is 100% American made to the h..

You saved: $1,439.00
$8,349.00 $9,788.00

Estella Red Leather Chair

Rustic Elegance defines our Estella Red Leather Chair. Its supple hand burnished red leather makes you want to keep coming back. The pillow back provi..

You saved: $789.00
$4,460.00 $5,249.00

Memphis Leather Recliner

Indulge in luxury and style with our Memphis Leather Recliner, the perfect embodiment of modern rustic design. Handcrafted with the highest quality le..

You saved: $915.00
$5,185.00 $6,100.00

Chisum Saguaro Barstool

Bring a piece of nature into your entertaining area with this rustic elegant Chisum Saguaro Barstool. Let your retreat become an adventure in its own ..

You saved: $361.00
$1,889.00 $2,250.00

Cowboy Architect Sofa

Our Cowboy Architect Sofa is modern rustic style with timeless comfort and quality. Featuring a hand burnished leather to achieve an aged patina in ju..

You saved: $2,682.00
$15,198.00 $17,880.00

Abilene Dining Chair

Introducing the Abilene Dining Chair - a stylish and functional addition to your formal dining or breakfast nook. This elegant chair boasts a luxuriou..

You saved: $332.00
$1,879.00 $2,211.00

Alamo Leather Chair

Our Alamo Leather Chair is a remarkable piece of furniture that features artisanal leather, tanned to the highest standards of quality, and is 100% Am..

You saved: $548.00
$4,860.00 $5,408.00

Axis Hide Dining Chair

The Axis Hide Dining Chair will bring a rustic opulence into your home dining experience with its’ outdoor appeal and crackled, waxy leather. This din..

You saved: $546.00
$1,749.00 $2,295.00

Baccarat Leather Sofa

The Baccarat Leather Sofa is a stylish and durable piece of furniture that offers both comfort and quality. It combines a modern rustic design with a ..

You saved: $2,259.00
$12,796.00 $15,055.00

Benson Leather Sofa

Discover the epitome of style, quality, and comfort with the Benson Leather Sofa. Expertly crafted in America, this small-scale sofa features an 8-way..

You saved: $1,256.00
$6,994.00 $8,250.00

Berkshire Olive Chesterfield Sofa

Discover the ultimate blend of luxury and tradition with our Berkshire Olive Chesterfield Sofa, a masterpiece designed for those who appreciate the fi..

You saved: $2,257.00
$12,589.00 $14,846.00

Aryanna Barstool

Rustic meets glitzy in the high-end Aryanna Stool, a barstool that is pastoral enough for the country and flashy enough for the city. A striking, clev..

You saved: $230.00
$1,395.00 $1,625.00

Barbarossa Tufted Leather Chair

The Barbarossa Tufted Leather Chair features a luxuriously soft stamped leather croc in a black finish. Deep button tufting with gold colored nail tac..

You saved: $1,124.00
$6,364.00 $7,488.00

Big Tex Chesterfield Sofa

Elevate your living space with the exquisite Big TEX Chesterfield Sofa, a masterpiece of American craftsmanship by the renowned Remington Tanner. Desi..

You saved: $2,260.00
$12,298.00 $14,558.00

Black Stone Caster Chair

Introducing the Black Stone Caster Chair, a masterpiece of comfort and style that will transform your space. Immerse yourself in luxury as you sink in..

You saved: $244.00
$1,381.00 $1,625.00

Bowie Axis Mocha Desk Chair

The Bowie Axis Mocha Desk Chair is upholstered in supple distressed leather with an Axis Deer Hide yoke. The chair hearkens back to the stylish timele..

You saved: $450.00
$2,545.00 $2,995.00

Buckeye Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Harkening back to a simpler time, the Buckeye Leather Chesterfield Sofa features a classic appearance that’s been updated for the modern age. This cla..

You saved: $1,626.00
$9,214.00 $10,840.00

Canyon Sauvage Wingback Chair

Indulge in the luxurious comfort and sophistication of the American-made Canyon Sauvage Wingback Chair. This stunning statement piece features rich, h..

You saved: $961.00
$5,399.00 $6,360.00

Champagne Shearling Chair

Close Out! Only 1 Available! The Champagne Shearling Chair sits as good as it looks! Upholstered in grade A Shearling hides gives this chair a lux..

You saved: $1,920.00
$2,280.00 $4,200.00

Dorchester Tufted Leather Chair

Close Out! Only 1 Available! The Dorchester Tufted Leather Chair is designed to look as good in a stately study as in a elegant decorated living ro..

You saved: $2,498.00
$2,960.00 $5,458.00

Dorado Leather Sofa

The Dorado Leather Sofa is a striking, fashionable piece of furniture that dominates décor and conversations. This rich hand burnished leather sofa is..

You saved: $1,997.00
$10,998.00 $12,995.00

King Ranch Executive Desk

Elevate your Western-themed office with our King Ranch Executive Desk - a stunning combination of rustic charm and sophisticated design. Crafted from ..

You saved: $1,140.00
$6,460.00 $7,600.00

Lawton Swivel Glider

Our Lawton Swivel Glider Chair is not only eye catching but cozy and comfy! Hand Made with genuine axis deer skin, a buttery soft ivory leather and an..

You saved: $974.00
$5,514.00 $6,488.00

Lockwood Leather Chesterfield Sofa

The Lockwood Leather Chesterfield Sofa is a modern take on a classic design that combines mid-century style with rustic features. Handcrafted from art..

You saved: $1,430.00
$11,495.00 $12,925.00

Rio Ranchero Sofa

Looking for a classic and comfortable sofa that will never go out of style? Look no further than our Rio Ranchero Sofa! Crafted with hand burnished le..

You saved: $2,285.00
$12,940.00 $15,225.00

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