Discover exquisite buffet furniture for your home at Adobe Interiors. Our extensive collection features handcrafted pieces that effortlessly blend timeless elegance with modern functionality. From sleek and minimalist designs to intricate and ornate styles, our buffets are meticulously crafted using premium materials, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or seeking stylish storage solutions, our buffet selection offers ample space and clever organizational features. Transform your dining area into a captivating centerpiece with our thoughtfully curated buffet furniture. Explore our range today and enhance your home with Adobe Interiors' impeccable craftsmanship and unmatched design.


Barcelona Buffet

The contrast of lines and curves throughout the Barcelona Buffet make this an impressive Spanish piece. The distressed looking paint with warm brown a..

You saved: $1,005.00
$5,690.00 $6,695.00

Cameron Trolly

Looking for a stylish and functional piece to enhance your dining room decor? Check out the Cameron Trolley, a beautifully crafted furniture console f..


Casanova Sideboard

The Casanova Sideboard from Adobe Interiors is the perfect addition to any dining room. With its beautiful design and ample storage space, this dining..

You saved: $471.00
$2,589.00 $3,060.00

Cleo Buffet w/Hutch

The depth of color in the Cleo Buffet gives it an upscale western appearance, with the marbled technique and varying hues throughout the piece providi..

You saved: $1,800.00
$5,400.00 $7,200.00

D'Amore Carved Buffet

The highlights of carvings throughout the D'Amore Buffet make this an impressive Spanish style piece. The hand rubbed paint and stained finished of bl..

You saved: $899.00
$5,096.00 $5,995.00

Denver Buffet

The Denver Buffet is handcrafted in the USA using Walnut and reclaimed American Chestnut wood. The buffet features four outside doors with one adjusta..

You saved: $2,878.00
$2,897.00 $5,775.00

Dragonfly Console Table

The hand carvings give this fine console table a unique rustic-style look. The Dragonfly Wood Console Table showcases distinct wood carvings that flow..

You saved: $297.00
$2,673.00 $2,970.00

Industrial Trolley

Steel Trolley with industrial castors and reclaimed hardwood. Solid wood will continue to move with temperature and humidity changes, which can res..

You saved: $600.00
$1,895.00 $2,495.00

Ivena Sofa Table

One of a kind sofa table constructed from recycled, reclaimed boat wood collected from old Chinese fishing vessels. This statement piece showcases yea..

You saved: $378.00
$2,510.00 $2,888.00

Mediterranean Buffet

The hand carvings and the varying shapes give this fine buffet a unique rustic-style look. The Mediterranean Buffet showcases distinct wood carvings t..

You saved: $460.00
$4,135.00 $4,595.00

Reclaimed Mesquite Console Table

The Reclaimed Mesquite Console Table will be squared and stately addition to your home. The mesquite console provides 3 drawers for storage and broad ..


Safari Carved Wood Console Table

No details were overlooked when making the Safari Carved Wood Console Table! The hand carvings and tooled leather give this fine buffet a unique rusti..

You saved: $680.00
$6,120.00 $6,800.00

Sonora Sand Buffet

Elevate your dining or living room with the exquisite Sonora Sand Buffet, a masterpiece designed to blend seamlessly into sophisticated interiors. Thi..

You saved: $939.00
$4,986.00 $5,925.00

Tito Iron Bar Cart

Roll this rustic kitchen island cart anywhere you need storage, counter space, or a work area. Featuring two large shelves, it provides spacious room ..

You saved: $190.00
$1,710.00 $1,900.00

TX Buffet

Adobe Interiors presents a captivating collection that celebrates the natural beauty and awe-inspiring experiences of the American wilderness. Immerse..

You saved: $1,720.00
$3,359.00 $5,079.00

Vacaro Buffet

The hand carvings and the varying shapes give this fine buffet a unique rustic elegant style look. The Vacaro Buffet showcases distinct wood carvings ..

You saved: $826.00
$4,629.00 $5,455.00

Hex Carved Buffet

Upgrade your home entertainment experience with our Mango Solids Entertainment Center! With ample storage space for your electronic devices, media, an..

You saved: $601.00
$3,398.00 $3,999.00
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