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Adrie Vases, S/2

Set of two art glass vases showcase deep cobalt and black hues. Sizes: S-10x11x3, L-11x14x5 Dimensions: 11" W X 14" H X 5" D Want Additional Inf..

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Aldis Potted River Birch

Life-like river birch stems creating a minimalist modern statement featuring faux moss and an aged stone finished concrete urn. Dimensions: 19" W X..

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Alverio Succulents

A contemporary desert garden mix of succulents accented with an arid bed of natural pebbles in a mottled charcoal gray concrete planter. Dimensions..

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Ambrosia Boxes, S/2

Oxidized copper sheeting. The oxidation on each piece will vary due to their handcrafted nature. Lids are hinged. Sizes: sm-12x8x8, lg-14x10x10 Dim..

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Aponi Bowls, S/2

Set of two earthenware bowls finished in a natural concrete gray tone with woven rattan details. Sizes: S-8x7x8, L-11x10x11 Dimensions: 11" W X 10"..

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Charita Succulents

A lush mix of succulents in varying tones of greens and burgundy over a faux soil mixture, filling a solid concrete container resembling a life-like d..

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Diya Tray

Seeded smoke glass with antique bronze iron handles. Dimensions: 22" W X 3" H X 13" D Want Additional Information or Need Assistance Making a Pu..

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Dua Vases, S/2

Set of two terracotta vases are finished in a natural stone look with noticeable texture and braided rattan accents. Dimensions: 12" W X 18" H X 9"..

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Eponine Orchid

A gracefully arching stem of white orchids over a bed of faux potting soil, placed in a contemporary mottled charcoal gray concrete planter. Dimens..

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Evarado Aloe Planter

A contemporary aloe vera statement piece, accented with natural stones set into a glossy white textured bowl. Dimensions: 17" W X 30" H X 17" D ..

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Illini Candleholders, S/2

Set of two candleholders feature natural coral stone bases with teak wood and aged black accents. Two, 3"x3" white candles included. Dimensions: 6"..

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Karter Candleholders, S/3

This set of three candleholders features a sleek angular design in raw iron and clear glass cylinders with three, 3"x 3" distressed beige candles. Siz..

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Lisa Containers, S/2

These lidded steel canisters feature hand grinding and polishing as well as warm brown heat coloring. The deep brown hammer textured lids show hints o..

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Moose Antler Bowl

Heavily antiqued, gold leaf adds a glamorous feel to this rustic piece. Dimensions: 24" W X 8" H X 16" D Want Additional Information or Need Ass..

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Neelab Boxes, S/2

These ceramic boxes feature a distressed pale blue finish with reddish brown accents and caramel highlights. Removable lids. Sizes: sm-7x5x3, lg-10x6x..

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Pavak Vases, S/2

Textured terracotta in a beautiful Etruscan sky finish comprised of blues, greens, grays and browns with copper leaf accents. Sizes: Sm-11x16x11, Lg-1..

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Propellers Sculpture, S/2

Reproduction boat propellers, a conversation piece in any room. Cast from old propellers, these items show the natural wear and imperfections of the o..

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Ragini Vases, S/2

Textured terracotta vases finished in an aged caramel with blue-gray glaze. Sizes: Sm-6x16x6, Lg-10x20x10 Dimensions: 10" W X 20" H X 10" D Want..

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Rutva Vases, S/2

Textured, aged ivory terracotta with aged black accents surrounding the body. Sizes: Sm-8x20x5, Lg-10x28x6 Dimensions: 10" W X 28" H X 6" D Want..

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Salar Succulents

Dense and lush mix of succulent plants including aloe, jade, bromeliad, string of pearls and others in a hand carved, natural teak bowl. Dimensions..

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Saltillo Box

A striking addition to any decor as well as being functional. The heavily distressed, white ceramic glaze has chocolate brown undertones accented with..

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Stag Horn Candleholder, S/2

Burnished, bone ivory finish with mahogany and golden bronze accents. Four, 3"x3" distressed beige candles included. Dimensions: 14" W X 24" H X 8"..

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Tyrannosaurus Sculpture

Chestnut brown with a heavy gray glaze and matte black base. Dimensions: 19" W X 20" H X 11" D Want Additional Information or Need Assistance Ma..

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