Jerome Bedding Set

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Jerome Bedding Set

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The Jerome Bedding Set combines animal patterns and an upscale Western feel to form a truly unique aesthetic, designed to accent and complement your home’s Hacienda or Western décor. Rich earth tones are exemplified by fur accents throughout this seven-piece rustic elegant bedding set. It evokes images of cattle ranches, high desert mountains and moonlit vistas. The collection’s unique animal patterns, portrayed in deep, meaningful brown hues, are the perfect accompaniment to the natural animal fiber accents found throughout each piece. Comprised of three Euros, two shams, one bolster pillow and one duvet, the Jerome Bedding Set includes everything you need to decorate your home to your heart’s content. The set comes in any standard bedding size, with custom modifications available upon request. Let your creativity shine and complement your existing Southwestern home décor when you make this high-quality western bedding set a focal feature of your bedroom living space.

Material: Upholstery-quality

Style: Rustic Elegant, Western, Southwest, Hacienda

Includes 7 pieces.